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Just Learn It! Premium

Laffont Ediciones Electrónicas S.A. introduces a new concept in language learning.

Just Learn It! Premium – Interactive English, is an educational system that has been carefully designed to allow a simple, fun and effective study of English language, including implicit grammar and excluding translations to Spanish. In addition, it has been specially designed for teens and adults, due to which includes topics of interest and situations of regain normal life.

It is common to find teaching methods that claim to be structured in a way that does not include notions of grammar, but the fact is that translated words are used constantly.

The course Just Learn It! Premium has been designed entirely in English, with a system that makes posible learning English without constantly resorting to the native language, allowing to understand the language by an image-word association and not on account of trying to make a translation simultaneously.

Just Learn It! Premium will allow you to learn the language as those who speak it as their native language, installed in everyday situations and not in front of a teacher, what gives you the ability to function naturally in front of the need to use English.

It consists of 12 CD-ROM covering various topics like: introduce oneself and others, describe situations, objects, voice skills, giving instructions, asking and telling time, prices, etc.

They are accompanied by 6 activity books to review what you have learned in the course along with 4 DVD-VIDEO games that bring fun for the whole family.

By a simple sequential organization of contents, you only need to follow the instructions, practicing and repeating the subjects you learned to move forward through the course. The self-evaluation and self-correction systems will tell you when you are ready to advance to the next level.

Just Learn It! Premium enables you to have a conversation and resolve everyday situations.

After finishing the first lessons, you will be able to start communicating with other people using the English language.

Progress will be gradual and by the end, you will not have inconveniences to communicate with other people.

Although the current progress, the complexity level of the operation of the course is unchanged due to which there would be no inconvenience in this regard.

You can regularly check the level of knowledge attained through self-monitoring and the student’s personal profile.

At the conclusion of a lesson, the program automatically tells you whether to continue with the next lesson or return from a certain point, depending on the level you have reached.

To test the progress of your pronunciation, Just learn it! Premium gives you a new voice recognition system through which you listen to a word or phrase, then record your voice with the microphone and then, the program compares them. You can play it again to improve your oral expression.

The contents are interspersed with practical activities to fix immediately and assess the level of understanding that was reached on a given topic.

Also, at the conclusion of each lesson, review exercises are found, along with the exercises that correspond to each lesson, which integrate and complement ideally the subjects learned in previous lessons, so you’ll continue reviewing all the issues, and in the end, there will not be weak points in the course.

You will dominate not only the English used in Britain but also all the forms and idioms used in the United States, because of the characters of this course are both British and Americans, and includes annexes which deal with the differences between these two language variants.

Each topic is developed step by step, gradually increasing your level of knowledge.

All texts are supported by locutions, 3D animations and images that facilitate the explanation of the theoretical development, as it uses a permanent association of ideas, not the translation.

Moreover, the main contents of each thematic focus contain interactive activities that allow you to fix the acquired knowledge.

If you do not know a certain word, the hypertext tool will allow you -just by clicking on the selected word- to access the definition in English of the word in the comprehensive English/English-Spanish dictionary that comes with the course. With the dictionary Just Learn It! you’ll discover an easy way to find the word you need, and this dictionary will remain on your computer, allowing you to access it at any time to search for any word that you do not understand when browsing the Internet or, for example, using other programs in English.

With this course you will have the opportunity to consult to on-line teachers, who are always available to answer all your questions.

Just Learn It! Premium is not the only language learning system that is fully interactive and fully developed in English, but also includes activity books designed to review the contents learned with the course and allow the automation of knowledge to achieve mastery of each topic.

Just Learn It! Premium has a fast search engine that makes easy to find any word quickly, saving much time when you need to know in what situation use a certain word.

It also includes 4 interactive DVD-Video that you’ll enjoy from your home’s couch and also you will learn by performing the proposed activities, because they are designed so that you can not continue with them if you do not give the correct answer. The first and second DVD contain a 3D animated movie, and numerous activities of understanding and association, while in the rest of the DVD’s there are exercises with simpler contents and they can be used by little children too.

The CD-AUDIO multimedia are the ideal way to practice pronunciation and phonics while reviewing the understanding of language structures. All contents can be copied and printed on the computer to review the written exercises orally.

Once you have completed the courses you can challenge yourself and obtain a certificate of approval after making the final On-Line test. This is a perfect method to reliably demonstrate the skills that you have acquired in your curriculum.

It has been incorporated to the course a series of traveler’s cards that travelers may carry with them. This traveler’s cards are a useful help for all journeys you make. Thus, you will count with all the necessary elements to achieve your goals with an amazing speed.

The Language learning System Just Learn It! Premium is the tool that will definitely include you into the world of English.


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