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Justice Scalia took aim at the majority’s “if-it-looks-like-a-duck” liability analysis,

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However, we question the wisdom of supporting a company that willfully endangered the lives of its customers.

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carts-Where applicable, deliver controlled substances per department policy and state and federal requirements-Ensure

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People wake the f up, this is a serious f’in problem

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Nobody knows this portfolio better than Hansteen, as it was the same team that built up the Ashtenne fund before selling it in 2005.

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Sin embargo cada hombre es diferente y por consiguiente los efectos secundarios pueden también presentarse o en una forma ligera o no presentarse.

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Hurd wanted to stay out of the picture, but Denton police had already begun gathering evidence that would place him at the center of it

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I could see that they were suffering and I wanted my future to be different," she said.